NasDem Committed to Being Part of Govt Coalition

    Cindy, Christopher Harindra - 09 November 2019 14:29 WIB
    NasDem Committed to Being Part of Govt Coalition
    NasDem Party chairman Surya Paloh (Photo:Antara/Hafidz Mubarak)
    Jakarta: Chairperson of the NasDem Party Surya Paloh stressed his party is committed to being a part of the government coalition. NasDem has no intention of leaving the coalition.

    "Why do want to join the opposition? That is very unwise," Surya said at the NasDem II Congress, North Jakarta on Friday, November 8, 2019.

    In his speech, Surya Paloh spoke about his loyalty to Jokowi's government. Surya emphasized that NasDem's commitment to President Joko Widodo's government should not be doubted.

    "When there is a severe test faced by the president, maybe only NasDem will stand with the president," Surya said.

    The second NasDem congress will be held until Monday, 11 November 2019. The congress coincided with the 8th anniversary of the NasDem Party.

    The election of NasDem's chairperson was one of the main agendas of the congress. Moreover, the congress also discussed the outlines of the party's direction (GBHP).


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