Rescuers Extend Efforts to Locate 2 Untraceable Adonara Islanders

    Antara - 15 April 2021 17:14 WIB
    Rescuers Extend Efforts to Locate 2 Untraceable Adonara Islanders
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    Kupang: The Maumere Search and Rescue Agency extended its efforts to locate two residents of Adonara Island, East Flores Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

    The two residents went missing after being swept away by the recent flash floods.

    The SAR operation was conducted from Wednesday to Friday this week, the agency's head, I Putu Sudayana, informed ANTARA during a telephonic interview from Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara Province, on Thursday.

    "The rescue workers continue their efforts to find the two missing residents by again tracing them around the disaster zone," he remarked.

    The agency has extended the days for conducting the SAR operation at Adonara Island in line the government’s extension of its emergency response period until April 16, he noted.

    As of Thursday, the rescue workers had found 72 bodies of residents killed in the flash floods that hit the island in the midst of extreme weather, triggered by the Tropical Cyclone Seroja.

    In East Flores Regency, flash floods submerged nine villages in Ile Boleng, Adonara Timur, Wotan Ulu Mado, and West Adonara.


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