Papua Govt Bans Sales of Alcoholic Drinks: Official

    Antara - 06 Desember 2019 21:59 WIB
    Papua Govt Bans Sales of Alcoholic Drinks: Official
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Biak: The Papuan provincial government has ordered all regency and city administrations to ban sales of alcoholic drinks ahead of the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations as well as the convening of the 2020 National Games (PON). 

    "I call on the Biak Numfor government and all related law enforcement agencies to support the implementation of the policy on the liquor ban in Papua," First Assistant of the Papua Provincial Government's Secretary Doren Wakerwa said here on Friday, December 6, 2019.

    According to him, Every regency or city administration needs to support the policy. The move is based on the Regional Government's Regulation Number 15/2013.

    The regional government's regulation number 15/2013 could protect the Papuan people from the harmful impact of alcohol consumption. Some of the negative effects are loss of consciousness and engaging in acts of domestic violence and crimes.

    Considering the harmful impact of liquor, the native Papuan people are expected to be collectively aware of the dire need to support the liquor ban by supervising the sales of alcoholic beverages at minimarkets and kiosks. The consumption of alcoholic beverages among local community members might have contributed to the shortened life expectancy of native Papuans

    Speaking in connection with efforts to empower the native Papuan people last August. Chairperson of Mimika Chapter of the Papuan Women's Solidarity (SPP) Ros Namsa Kabes was aware of the dangers. She urged the Mimika district government and local police to enforce legal sanctions against those selling liquor to Papuan children. (Antara)


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