Basarnas Still Searching for Downed Sriwijaya Air Plane's Second Black Box

    Yurike Budiman - 14 January 2021 13:59 WIB
    Basarnas Still Searching for Downed Sriwijaya Air Plane's Second Black Box
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    Jakarta: The National Search And Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Operation Director Brigadier General TNI Rasman has said that the agency is still searching for the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of the downed Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182.

    "We will focus on finding CVR, body remains and wreckage," said the Basarnas official here on Thursday.

    On Thursday, the agency deployed more than 4 thousand joint personnel, 54 ships and 13 aircraft.

    "The joint team is divided into several groups. Some groups are tasked to find body remains and wreckage. The other groups are task to detect the location of the CVR," he explained.

    On Saturday afternoon, the Sriwijaya Air flight went missing en route from Jakarta to Pontianak on the island of Borneo. The Boeing 737-524 aircraft disappeared from radar shortly after take-off from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The airplane reportedly plunged into a steep dive and then crashed into waters off Jakarta.
    According to reports, the passenger plane carried 62 people on board, including 12 crew.

    Early this week, the joint team retrieved the flight data recorder (FDR) of the airplane from Java Sea and subsequently handed over the first part of the black box to the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT).


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