6 Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Central Java: Regional Police Chief

    Mustholih - 06 April 2021 17:01 WIB
    6 Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Central Java: Regional Police Chief
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Semarang: The Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror (Densus 88), the National Police's counterterrorism special unit, recently arrested 6 suspected terrorists in Central Java Police, according to Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Lutfi.

    "We have arrested 6 people," said the Central Java Police Chief here on Tuesday.

    "They are still being examined by our investigators, especially Densus," he added.

    According to the police general, the 6 terror suspects were caught separately in several areas in Central Java.

    Last week, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) called on the people to unite against terrorism. 

    The President made the statement in response to the terror attack perpetrated on Wednesday at ??the National Police Headquarters in Jakarta. 

    "In response to yesterday’s acts of terrorism perpetrated at the National Police Headquarters, I urge all people across the country to remain calm, be vigilant and maintain our unity. We are all united against terrorism," the President said on Thursday. 

    "I reiterate that there is no room for terrorism in this country," President Jokowi said. 

    The President further said that he had ordered all relevant officials to heighten vigilance.


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