NU, Muhammadiyah Promotes Hand Washing to Combat Covid-19

    Antara - 14 Mei 2020 19:42 WIB
    NU, Muhammadiyah Promotes Hand Washing to Combat Covid-19
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    Jakarta: Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah, the largest Muslim organizations in Indonesia, are currently promoting a hand washing facility program to avoid coronavirus transmissions among community members.

    "We are currently driving this on a massive scale. During the 20-second-rule of hand washing, we could recite Al-Fatihah as it fits the duration," Doctor Muhamad Makky Zamzani, team leader of NU care for COVID-19, remarked during an online discussion held in Jakarta on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

    The program should be applied, especially in hotspots of mass gatherings of people, including markets, though it necessitates the people's contribution to comply with the health protocol, as they may provide water or soap for refill.

    "It is quite difficult since the facilities are located in open space. Thus, we urge people to refill the water regularly," Zamzani affirmed.

    Doctor Corona Rintawan, an official of the Muhammadiyah Covid-19 Command Center (MCCC), stated that the organization's task force is ensuring the massive program to run for at least the next three months, while it also records the people's submission.

    The submission indicator will be presented in terms of the percentages as a result of the monitoring process undertaken by Muhammadiyah volunteers.

    "It is for the next three or four months, as through this program, the people would not only be encouraged but also observed. Hence, we will know whether it is effective," Rintawan expounded.

    Apart from the wash hands program, NU and Muhammadiyah are working together to take precautionary measures and continue to urge people to not return to their hometowns for the Ramadan exodus. (antara)


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