VP Ma'ruf Extends Kartini Day Wishes to Indonesian Women

    Antara - 21 April 2020 20:57 WIB
    VP Ma'ruf Extends Kartini Day Wishes to Indonesian Women
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Jakarta: Vice President Ma'ruf Amin extended his wishes to all Indonesian women on Kartini Day and urged them to help reduce stunting in children, a major national concern.

    Women have played an important role in the survival of the Indonesian nation, the Vice President said.

    "The role of women in (our) lives is very large (and vital) for the survival of the nation. As said (R.A.) Kartini, women are carriers of civilization. Happy Kartini Day,” Vice President Ma'ruf posted on his Instagram social media account on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

    According to the Vice President, women can play an important role in efforts to reduce the stunting rate among children in the country, which currently stands at 27.6 percent.

    "One of the most important roles (for women) in the present context is prevent stunting in children, the next generation," Ma'ruf stated.

    The national stunting rate in Indonesia is still high compared to the 20-percent threshold set by the World Health Organization. (antara)


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