Quarantine Location in Natuna is Safe: Official

    Candra Yuri Nuralam, Christopher Harindra - 03 Februari 2020 13:01 WIB
    Quarantine Location in Natuna is Safe: Official
    The Indonesians will be quarantined for around 14 days (Photo:MoFA)
    Jakarta: The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) said that quarantine location in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands Province is safe. It explained that the potential spread of novel coronavirus through the air is minimal.

    "The distance (quarantine location) is quite far. As we know, this virus is not easily spread through the air," said Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health Anung Sugihartono here on Monday, February 3, 2020.

    According to Anung, Indonesians from Wuhan, China are quarantined in two large hangars. To prevent the potential spread of the virus, the quarantine location is divided into three rings. 

    Ring One is only filled with health workers who can make contact with quarantined citizens. Ring Two is only used to supply foods and deliver other services.

    "And the last ring (three) is for monitoring," said Anung.
    A total of 238 Indonesian citizens who were evacuated from Wuhan, Hubei, China, were confirmed to be in good health.  The decision to evacuate Indonesian citizens was taken after the World Health Organization (WHO) established the coronavirus outbreak as a global emergency.


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