Ministry to Advance Local Fishermen's Welfare in Riau Islands

Antara - 26 November 2021 17:48 WIB
Ministry to Advance Local Fishermens Welfare in Riau Islands
The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries will implement a measured fishing policy.
Jakarta: Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Sakti Wahyu Trenggono is committed to advancing the welfare of over six thousand local fishermen in Riau Islands (Kepri) through a measured fishing policy.

"The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries will implement a measured fishing policy starting in 2022," Trenggono stated during a working visit to Bintan District, Friday.
The policy was part of a new policy plan in the fisheries sector, he added.

The measured fishing policy aligns with the geographical conditions of Kepri where oceans constitute 96 percent of the territory, with a fishery potential of some 1.1 million tons per year.

"We have neglected our sea for a long time. After research and exploration, we hope this new fishery policy would provide benefits to the country, especially in this region," Trenggono affirmed.

He later explained that in future, the fishing industry will be concentrated in Kepri. Later, local fishermen will only sell fish within the area, while entrepreneurs are not allowed to bring fish outside the area.

All processes, including trade and fish exports, will be conducted in Kepri. This aims to boost the local fishermen's economy and to create new work opportunities.

Trenggono addressed that so far, fishermen in Indonesia, including in Kepri, had been catching fish and mostly selling their catches to Java.

"Everything is piled up in Java, while other areas where fishermen caught their catch are not getting any," he noted.

To this end, he expressed optimism that the program would help to maintain the sustainability of the sea. Apart from advancing the welfare of local fishermen, the program aims to help local fishermen to go fishing and maintain fish prices in the market.

Trenggono is optimistic that this policy would revive the economy in Kepri. The ports in Natuna District and Batam City will later be readied as a Fish Collecting Port (TPI).

"Local fishermen must improve their welfare. We have to create a sustainable industry, and then, we must also empower entrepreneurs," he concluded.


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