Entikong Border Crossing Admits 100 Migrants Workers Daily

    Antara - 20 September 2021 16:45 WIB
    Entikong Border Crossing Admits 100 Migrants Workers Daily
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Pontianak: Some 100 Indonesian migrant workers from Sarawak, Malaysia, are admitted at the Entikong border crossing on a daily basis, Head of the Entikong Border Crossing Viktorius stated.

    "The border crossing admits around 30 to 100 people daily, and most of the migrant workers went back to Indonesia voluntarily," Viktorius stated in Entikong, Sanggau District, West Kalimantan, on Monday.


    Apart from voluntary repatriation, the border crossing also admitted migrant workers repatriated through assistance from the Indonesia Government's Consulate General in Kuching, he noted.

    "Some migrant workers, assisted by the Consulate General, were deported by Malaysia or repatriated after being implicated in issues there," the border crossing head remarked.

    Viktorius also revealed that some 400 Indonesian workers from several regions are currently placed at temporary shelters at the Entikong Border Crossing Health Quarantine Centre, Entikong International Dry Port, and the Industry Training Centre.

    "Out of the 400 migrant workers, some 56 people are COVID-19 positive. They are currently undergoing isolation at the border crossing Health Quarantine Centre and Industry Training Centre and will stay there until they completely recover," he stated.

    The border crossing officials also enforced strict health protocols on all migrant workers arriving at the crossing. They are obligated to observe health protocols and undergo health checks before being allowed to leave the border crossing, he noted.

    "Upon their arrival at the Entikong Border Crossing, our COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force will conduct health checks on the migrant workers by examining their body temperature and conducting COVID-19 testing on them," Viktorius elaborated.

    All migrant workers arriving at the border crossing are obliged to undergo eight days of quarantine before being allowed to continue their journey, and those found to be COVID-19 positive would continue the quarantine at the assigned facilities.

    "After completing the eight-day quarantine, the migrant workers would be brought first to the migrant workers' shelter in Pontianak before being allowed to go home," he stated.


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