Environment Ministry Expects Producers to Reduce Waste 30% by 2030

Antara - 12 November 2021 12:59 WIB
Environment Ministry Expects Producers to Reduce Waste 30% by 2030
Some materials will be replaced with easily biodegradable and recycled materials.
Jakarta: The Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry has expressed the hope that the establishment of the producers’ waste reduction roadmap can help achieve the 30-percent waste reduction target by the beginning of 2030.

"We hope that by January 1, 2030, the manufacturers can reduce at least 30 percent of the waste of their products and packaging," director of waste management at the ministry, Novrizal Tahar, said.
He delivered the statement during a discussion at the Indonesian Pavilion at the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26), which was monitored online here on Thursday.

The establishment of the roadmap is in accordance with the Minister of Environment and Forestry's Regulation Number 75/2019, which regulates waste reduction by producers in the manufacturing, food and beverage services, and retail sectors, he expounded.

Some materials such as plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass will be replaced with easily biodegradable and recycled materials, he said.

In addition, another regulation has been issued to encourage producers to recollect their packaging, in collaboration with waste banks or recycling centers, he informed.

The ministry has received 31 roadmap plans for 2020-2029, 24 presented by the manufacturing sector and the remaining by the retail sector, he said.

The director said that the ministry has left the roadmap to the manufacturers to let them improve their innovations and the creativity of their products.

The ministerial regulation has banned the use of products and packaging that use certain non-environmentally friendly materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and polystyrene, by January 1, 2030, he added.

"The regulation is a point of no return. It is mandatory," Tahar said.

The Indonesian government has set a national target of reducing 30 percent of waste and handling 70 percent of the waste by 2025, as the waste management sector is included in the five sectors targeted for reducing carbon emissions.


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