Baduy Community Conduct Raid on Modern Goods for Destruction

    Antara - 05 July 2021 11:09 WIB
    Baduy Community Conduct Raid on Modern Goods for Destruction
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    Lebak: The Baduy community, which live in the remote parts of Lebak district, Banten province, are conducting a raid on modern goods considered contradictory to local customs.

    "All the modern items have been destroyed," Badui resident Kudil said on Saturday.


    During the raid, all Badui people destroyed their modern household appliances, he said

    He said the raid was conducted by Badui Dalam community appointed as a customary law enforcer.

    The modern items include glass, plate, tea pot, pan, handphone and motorcycle.

    During the raid on Sunday, they set three motorcycles ablaze, he said.

    "Our household appliances made of rubber and iron also have been destroyed," he said.

    He said the raid is conducted once every three months, with the aim of upholding customary rules banning the use of modern goods.

    The Badui community must comply with customary rules which ban them from using modern goods including cars and motorcycles, he said.


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