Smoke Grenade May Cause Explosion at Monas: Police

    Ilham Pratama Putra, Christopher Harindra, Yurike Budiman - 03 Desember 2019 12:03 WIB
    Smoke Grenade May Cause Explosion at Monas: Police
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Gatot Eddy Pramono said police was still investigating th ecause of the explosion on the north side of the National Monument (Monas) area which injured two members of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI). 

    According to the Jakarta Police leader, the initial investigation suggests the explosion was caused by a smoke grenade.

    "The team's findings on the field suggest a smoke grenade exploded," Gatot said at Monas, Central Jakarta on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

    Gatot said that the Bomb Disposal Team, the Inafis Team, and the Forensics Team has started an investigation of the crime scene. He added that the police will also gather information related to the origin of the smoke grenade.

    "We are still gathering information. Because the victims are still being treated," he said.

    Two members of the Permanent Garrison 1 Jakarta were injured in the incident. They are Serka Fajar Arisworo and Praka Gunawan Yusuf. They were brought the Central Army Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Subroto.

    Gatot said fajar was injured in the right and left hand. Meanwhile, Gunawan was injured in the thigh.

    Before the incident, Personnel of the Permanent Garnisum 1 Jakarta held a morning exercise at the north park of Monas area. Assisted by the TNI, the police immediately secured the crime scene after learning about the incident.

    "The crime scene was secured, the Bomb Disposal Team investigated the crime scene, the Inafis Team and the Forensics Team were at work," Gatot said.


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