Bogor's Yogya junction Mall Temporarily Shut Down to Control Covid-19

    Antara - 14 Juli 2020 11:58 WIB
    Bogor's Yogya junction Mall Temporarily Shut Down to Control Covid-19
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Bogor: The Yogya Junction shopping mall in the heart of Bogor City, West Java Province, was temporarily shut down after a worker of one of its tenants tested positive for covid-19.

    In response to this confirmed case, the shopping mall operator has coordinated with the Bogor City administration's Covid-19 Task Force officials in an endeavor to contain the spread of the deadly virus, Bogor Area Director of Yogya Junction Endang Yudi remarked.

    "We have been requested to close the mall for the time being and conduct swab tests for the workers to break the chain of covid-19 transmission," Yudi noted here on Monday.

    The worker diagnosed with covid-19 symptoms is a sales promotion girl employed by one of the tenants from a clothing cluster. She was one of the 155 workers, who partook in a rapid test program that the management had held on July 9.

    The female employee was confirmed to have contracted covid-19 as revealed by the result of her swab test released by the Bogor city public hospital, Yudi noted.

    The Yogya Junction operator concurred on shutting down the shopping mall for three days while all workers underwent swab tests on Monday.  

    "We are awaiting directives of the Bogor city administration's covid-19 Task Force," Yudi noted.

    In June, the Bogor city administration's covid-19 Task Force had also urged the management and employees of a Mitra 10 outlet to undergo swab tests after three workers at the independent hardware store tested positive for coronavirus.

    The Bogor city government has been working ceaselessly to flatten the curve of covid-19 infections. Owing to its geographical proximity to Jakarta, Bogor is economically and socially connected to the Indonesian capital, as several workers employed in Jakarta reside in Bogor. (antara)


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