Indonesia Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Donated by Japan

Antara - 20 January 2022 16:08 WIB
Indonesia Receives COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Donated by Japan
Indonesia also plays an active role in the efforts to equalize vaccine access.
Jakarta: An AstraZeneca vaccine consignment donated by the Japanese government arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday evening.

"The Indonesian government is immensely thankful to the Japanese government for this donation," Public Information and Communication Director General at the Communication and Informatics Ministry Usman Kansong said in a press statement on Thursday.


This donation is a part of Japan's commitment to providing 2.72 million additional vaccine doses for Indonesia, he stated.

Some 651,130 COVID-19 vaccine doses arrived in the 200th stage. On Tuesday, some 1,175,800 vaccine doses of the same brand arrived in Indonesia, also donated by the Japanese government.

The Japanese government had donated around 4.15 million vaccine doses to Indonesia 2021.

This collaboration mirrored the friendship between Indonesia and Japan that continues to develop despite the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kansong affirmed.

This donation also proves the strong relations between both nations and their large collective commitment to handling the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in Asia, he emphasized.

In addition to collaboration through dose-sharing, Japan has supported Indonesia since the start of the pandemic to handle COVID-19 and bolster health resiliency, he highlighted.

"This support came in the form of medicinal aids, such as Avigan, mobile x-ray, and various other forms of support, through international organization," he noted.

Collaboration between countries in the world in handling COVID-19 is crucial. Indonesia also participates in the efforts to develop and transfer the knowledge of COVID-19 vaccines for the Asia-Pacific region.

"Indonesia also plays an active role in the efforts to equalize vaccine access for nations in the world," Kansong affirmed.

Domestically, Indonesia has expedited and expanded vaccination. The geographical condition and population in the nation became challenges in realizing herd immunity in Indonesia.


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