Armed Forces, Police Help Boost Vaccination of Biak Residents

    Antara - 02 August 2021 17:02 WIB
    Armed Forces, Police Help Boost Vaccination of Biak Residents
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    Biak: Security personnel in the administrative areas of the 1708/Biak Numfor District Military Command in Papua Province joined in the efforts to step up vaccinations in a bid to stem the spread of covid-19 among Biak residents.

    The initiative, taken on Sunday, was the result of collaboration among the Denkesyah, Air Force Hospital, Naval Hospital, and Biak Police Polyclinic that was focused on the general public of Biak City and the adjoining areas.


    Commander of the 1708/Biak Numfor District Military Command Lieutenant Colonel Arif Setiyono noted in a written statement on Monday that the campaign was a form of support for the government in the efforts to tackle the covid-19 pandemic, with the objective of inoculating at least one thousand people.

    "Today's target is 500 people for the first vaccine phase and 500 people for the second vaccine phase, especially for the people of Biak Numfor City and its surrounding areas," he noted.

    Setiyono spoke of having received 1,567 vials of vaccine or 15,670 doses of vaccine for the first phase of vaccination.

    Moreover, he received two thousand vials for the second vaccination phase for covering 20 thousand people.

    “For now, we are coordinating with the Health Office in Biak City. It is intended for the general public, teenagers aged 12-18 years and college students, and the chiefs of the Biak tribe (mananwir)," according to him.

    Health workers from the national defense force have prepared for boosting vaccinations.

    "The national defense’s vaccination raids were also conducted earlier for service employees, restaurant employees, and cafe, batik, and so on," he noted.

    Setiyono expects vaccination to strengthen the public's immune systems.

    "To deal with the threat of the coronavirus disease, residents are mandated to maintain strict health protocols despite being vaccinated. All of this aims to increase the people's immunity, so they become stronger and healthier," he emphasized.

    Biak District Head Jeheskel Randongkir lauded the initiative of the national defense force/police force, as the public’s interest in taking the vaccine was very high.

    "By hosting this vaccination campaign, the public can be protected from the dangers of the coronavirus disease. Even if people are infected with the covid-19 virus, they do not experience severe symptoms," Radongkir noted.  


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