Drone Deployed to Disinfect Gunung Anyar Area in Surabaya

    Antara - 27 Maret 2020 20:59 WIB
    Drone Deployed to Disinfect Gunung Anyar Area in Surabaya
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)
    Surabaya: The Surabaya local government in East Java Province on Thursday, March 27, 2020 used a drone to spray about 700 liters of disinfectant in four villages of the Gunung Anyar area to stem the spread of covid-19.

    "As we know, there is a confirmed case of covid-19 in Gunung Anyar. So, we sprayed some disinfectant in the area using a drone," said head of the Surabaya Public Order Agency, Irvan Widyanto.

    The four villages sprayed with disinfectant were Gunung Anyar, Rungkut Tengah, Rungkut, and Gunung Anyar Tambak.

    The disinfectant was sprayed not just in some protocol areas, but also in some villages and residential areas.

    "We hope that 700 liters of disinfectant would be enough for the Gunung Anyar area, especially the residential areas and villages," Widyanto said.

    He explained that deploying drones for spraying disinfectants is safer as such an exercise requires the involvement of few officers.

    Thursday's sanitization exercise was in keeping with the instructions issued by Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini who has called for the use of drones to reduce the number of officers in the field during the covid-19 outbreak.

    "The Mayor has also advised us to pay more attention to our safety while helping others. That is why some drones have been provided and are being utilized so we can minimize the number of officers in the field," he said.

    Widyanto said efforts to stem the spread of covid-19 would continue in some more areas of Surabaya. (antara)


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