Chinese Nationals in Riau Islands Seek Stay Permit Extension over COVID-19

    Antara - 21 Februari 2020 17:14 WIB
    Chinese Nationals in Riau Islands Seek Stay Permit Extension over COVID-19
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Tanjungpinang: Some 58 Chinese nationals have put in their applications with the Tanjungpinang Immigration Office in Riau Islands Province for extending their stay permits under forced majeure or urgent situation in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Head of the Tanjungpinang Immigration Office Irwanto Suhali, on Friday, confirmed the approval of some of the applications, while the others were yet being processed.

    The Tanjungpinang Immigration Office will extend the stay permits under forced majeure conditions until late February 2020, and thereafter, the Chinese nationals can file other applications with the immigration office.

    "We extend the stay permits in accordance with the conditions," the official stated.

    According to him, As many as 293 of the foreign workers employed in several companies in Bintan come from China.

    "Those applying for extended permits of stay are employed in Bintan," he stated.

    Every foreign worker is required to hold a temporary stay permit card (KITAS). KITAS is valid for a period of six months to a year based on the requirement of the company that employed them.

    "Some of the Chinese workers still hold valid permits of stay, so they do not apply for extended stay permit under forced majeure or urgent situations," he explained. (Antara)


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