Govt Ensures Persons with Disabilities' Rights to Education: Palace

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 10 November 2020 13:51 WIB
    Govt Ensures Persons with Disabilities' Rights to Education: Palace
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian Government ensures the fulfillment of the rights of disability in all aspects including the rights to education, Presidential Special Staffer Angkie Yudistia said.

    “One of rights of persons with disabilities is access to quality education in all systems, levels, both inclusive and exclusive educations. Persons with disabilities have the equal opportunity to become education administrators, lecturers, teachers, and students,” said Angkie in a press release on Monday.

    She called on educational institutions to make some modifications and adjustments of their services to meet the needs of students with disabilities and to provide fair education services for all.

    “In providing suitable accommodation for persons with disabilities, Central Government and regional governments are obliged to facilitate the establishment of Services Unit for Persons with Disabilities,” she said.

    She went on to say that the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that about 15 percent of the world’s population, or an estimated 1 billion people live with some form of disability. 

    Meanwhile, 450 million people suffer from a mental disorder which many of them do not seek professional help due to the stigma, discrimination, and rejection.

    “I invite organization, academic institution, and private sector to have partnership with organizations for persons with disabilities to take concrete action which can bring benefits for the disabled,” Angkie stated.


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