Jokowi Inspects Quake-Hit Area in Malang Regency

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 30 April 2021 11:51 WIB
    Jokowi Inspects Quake-Hit Area in Malang Regency
    President Joko Widodo (

    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Thursday inspected the quake-hit area at Majangtengah Village, Malang Regency, East Java Province.

    For the record, on April 10, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit the area and affected almost 32 regencies/cities in East Java Province. 


    The earthquake damaged 1,716 houses, some of them are heavily damaged and the others are moderately damaged or slightly damaged

    The President also said that the Government will provide assistance for rebuilding the houses and will help rebuild the damaged public facilities.

    "The heavily damaged house will receive Rp 50,000,000, the moderately damaged house will receive Rp 25,000,000, and the slightly damaged house will receive Rp 10,000,000. We hope that the reconstruction can be carried out soon. For public facilities, such as the one behind me, musalla, the reconstruction will also be carried out by Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing,” stated the President, as quoted from the Cabinet Secretariat's website.

    The President expressed hope that the reconstruction of the damaged houses and public facilities can be carried out immediately so that situation can return to normalcy.


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