Papua Police to Deploy Helicopter for Evacuating Beoga Residents

    Antara - 12 April 2021 15:13 WIB
    Papua Police to Deploy Helicopter for Evacuating Beoga Residents
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    Jayapura: Police will dispatch a helicopter to evacuate residents from Beoga, Puncak, to Sugapa, Intan Jaya, as a precautionary measure against an armed criminal group's violent act, Papua Provincial Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri stated.

    "It is true that we plan to evacuate residents from Beoga to avoid an armed criminal group's violent act," Fakhiri noted here on Sunday.

    Sugapa was selected since it is closer to Beoga as compared to Ilaga and Timika, he remarked.

    Fakhiri could not furnish an exact count of the number of residents to be evacuated from Beoga owing to communication difficulties.

    "No matter what their number is, we will strive to evacuate the residents, so they will no longer be besieged by fear. Moreover, two people, who fell victim, were teachers who had dedicated themselves to the region for quite a long time," he emphasized.

    A junior high school teacher in Beoga, Puncak died on Friday evening following a lethal firing unleashed by an armed criminal group.

    The junior high school teacher, identified as Yonatan Randen, was shot dead at his home in Julukoma Village near Beoga Airport.

    Randen was the second junior high school teacher to have been shot dead this week.

    On Thursday, the armed group shot dead a civilian Oktovianos Rayo, 42, a teacher living in Julukoma Village, Beoga, Papua.

    Rayo was shot twice when he was about to enter his house. Later on in the day, the group set ablaze some schools in the village.


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