Govt to Prioritize Development in 222 Outermost Areas

    Antara - 11 Maret 2020 20:02 WIB
    Govt to Prioritize Development in 222 Outermost Areas
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: The government will prioritize development in 222 areas out of the country's 780 outermost areas by 2024.

    "Some 780 areas are located in the border regions. We will not be able to develop them simultaneously (as) everything increasingly depends on fiscal capacity, state financial capacity. Hence, based on the results of discussions with Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency), the funds that may be available are for 222 areas," General Tito Karnavian, the home affairs minister, concurrently chairman of the Border Management Agency (BNPP), noted here on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

    Development of the border areas will be aligned with the regional potentials, but the reference remains for economic growth.

    "They have economic potential there, be it fisheries, plantations, agriculture, or tourism. They could become a growth area that can stimulate other regions," the fomer National Police chief remarked.

    Another objective of the development is developmental equality in various sectors to prevent any form of disparity in comparison with urban areas.

    Moreover, development activities in borders are also in the interests of Indonesia's defense and security, particularly since the border is a frontier area that directly faces other countries.

    Border areas that will be given priority in development include those in Anambas, Natuna, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, Papua and West Papua.

    "A special team from ministries and institutions is already in place and working to oversee and evaluate the development to be implemented. We are upbeat that by the end of 2024, development in the 222 areas will be complete, so the local people's welfare will be improved and the regions can become a buffer of the country's defense," he added. (Antara)


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