Jakarta Govt Urged to Provide More Self-Isolation Facilities

    Fachri Audhia Hafiez - 21 June 2021 14:57 WIB
    Jakarta Govt Urged to Provide More Self-Isolation Facilities
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Jakarta: National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has urged the Jakarta provincial administration to open 31 self-quarantine facilities in the region.

    Previoysly, the local government has been preparing 31 self-isolation centers across Indonesia's capital.


    "We urge local leaders and other stakeholders to realize the plan," said Listyo here on Monday.

    "If needed, hotels can also be transformed into self-isolation facilities," he stated.

    The number of covid-19 patients receiving treatment in Athletes Village Emergency Hospital, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta increased to 6,010 today.

    Compared to the previous day, the number was up by 135 from 5,875.


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