G20 a Platform to Promote Indonesian Tourism, Products: Minister

Antara - 22 April 2022 08:02 WIB
G20 a Platform to Promote Indonesian Tourism, Products: Minister
Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno (Photo:Kemenparekraf)
Jakarta: The G20 meetings in Indonesia have become a platform for promoting tourism and top local products to the world in the hopes of driving the national economy, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has said.

"Global-scale events can be used as a momentum for the revival of tourism and the creative economy," he observed during a national workshop that was held as a part of the G20's Tourism Working Group (TWG) here on Thursday.
The theme of the workshop was the recovery of the global tourism sector through the strengthening of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and communities within the G20 framework.

The main issue that will be discussed at TWG is strengthening the community as an agent of change for tourism transformation, with a focus on five lines of action, Uno informed.

One of the five lines of action is developing human capital through observing market needs, talent management, education, skills development, and policies, as well as practices to create new and added-value jobs, he said.

The second is to focus on bolstering the local community's innovation, creating digital infrastructure and skills, and connecting urban and rural areas through the creative economy sector for boosting the tourism value chain and MSME competitiveness, Uno added.

The next line of action is to focus on empowering local women and youth for creating policies, businesses, and innovations. Moreover, the minister said, education is crucial to promote inclusion for both groups.

The fourth line of action is developing new models that transform tourism activities to accelerate sustainability, net-zero growth, as well as address energy, land, water, and food sources for the tourism industry, he added.

The final focus is on the need for creating holistic tourism policies, good governance models, and a proper investment climate, he said.

"With this theme and the support of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and related partners, I hope that the G20 tourism ministers will agree on the policy guideline document, which is the guideline for strengthening communities and MSMEs as tourism transformation agents," Uno added.


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