Respect Helsinki MoU to Preserve Peace in Aceh: VP Ma'ruf

Antara - 19 May 2022 16:39 WIB
Respect Helsinki MoU to Preserve Peace in Aceh: VP Maruf
Vice President Ma'ruf Amin (Photo: MI/Rommy Pujianto)
Jakarta: Vice President Ma'ruf Amin urged stakeholders in Aceh to preserve peace, as enumerated by the Helsinki MoU to end the decades-long Aceh conflict, in order to further develop the province and the people's livelihood.

"With peace, (Aceh) has experienced various changes, as the central government can construct dams and toll roads as well as advance education and higher education (for Aceh). We need to preserve this and not ruin our progress," Amin remarked while receiving the visit of Aceh University Rectors Forum members at the official residence here on Wednesday (May 18), as per the release on Thursday.
The vice president emphasized that in order to preserve peace in Aceh, Muslims in the province need to comprehend religious moderation that has been among the nation's principles.

Religious moderation means to be a real Muslim, and they must respect the national consensus that has been agreed upon in the framework of the Indonesian nation, and for the Aceh people, to also respect the Helsinki MoU, he noted.

"We want a conducive environment in Aceh, yet we must also offer them a comprehension of Islam. Religious moderation means we must agree to the consensus. If other regions have only one consensus -- the national consensus -- then Aceh people also have the Helsinki consensus," Amin remarked.

Meanwhile, Rector of North Aceh-based Malikussaleh University Herman Fithra expressed optimism that perpetual peace in Aceh would enable the province to provide equal justice and prosperity to the Aceh people.

"We all have the same hope that our peace will be eternal and continues to the future, and the Aceh people can receive justice and prosperity. (We believe) this will focus on economic matters," Fithra remarked.

Moreover, Rector of Central Aceh-based Takengon State Islamic Institute, Zulkarnain, noted that religious moderation programs, promoted by the Religious Affairs Ministry in Aceh, have received a positive response.

The government must enhance its support for the program, especially programs organized in state Islamic educational institutes in Aceh, he emphasized.

"(We hope that) religious moderation programs implemented in Aceh Islamic educational institutes, such as the 'Religious Moderation Home' program, can be supported more by the vice president through the Religious Affairs Ministry," the rector stated.


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