BNPB Says Law Enforcement is Key to Handling Covid-19

    Antara - 24 Maret 2020 19:33 WIB
    BNPB Says Law Enforcement is Key to Handling Covid-19
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    Jakarta: Law enforcement efforts need to made a priority to combat the covid-19, outbreak in the country, according to Doni Monardo, head of the BNPB and the covid-19 fast-response team.

    Law enforcement efforts need to be carried out by governors to cope with covid-19 in their regions, in accordance with Presidential Decree (Keppres) No. 7 of 2020, which mandates governors as members of the Task Force Steering Council.

    “Law enforcement must be deemed a priority. Governors, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 7/2020, have the authority to ensure law enforcement by utilizing the existing apparatus. The Regional Police Chief and the Military Commander have been placed under the governors," Doni told the press via teleconference after a limited meeting on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 with President Joko Widodo in Jakarta.

    The Presidential Decree allows governors to form a task force at the regional level to monitor and evaluate the implementation of COVID-19 countermeasures in their regions.

    "The task force is expected to carry out the control, supervision, and prevention functions in the community," Doni said.

    In addition, Doni noted, President Joko Widodo has instructed all governors in Indonesia to draft detailed action plans on handling the coronavirus outbreak, and make circular maps of COVID-19 for their regions, in particular.

    The President has also asked governors to re-focus and reallocate budgets, in accordance with Presidential Instruction No.4/2020, which prioritizes social programs for poor families and cash-intensive labor.

    "All policies formulated by governors, as chair of the task force, need to be comprehensively pursued to involve all stakeholders, including religious and other figures, so that they are fully supported by the community," said Doni. (Antara)


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