Police Seize 50 Kg Drugs in Aceh

    Antara - 08 April 2021 13:52 WIB
    Police Seize 50 Kg Drugs in Aceh
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Banda Aceh: A joint team of police, customs, and excise officers foiled a trans-national drug ring's attempt to smuggle 50 kg of crystal methamphetamine by boat into East Aceh Regency in Aceh province and arrested four persons.

    During the drug raid, law enforcement personnel also seized a 30-GT boat, Aceh Police chief, Insp.Gen.Wahyu Widada, informed here on Wednesday.

    "The smuggling operation was conducted through the East Aceh waters. The boat carried two sacks containing 50 packs of crystal meth with a total weight of 50 kg," he said.

    The raid, carried out recently, also resulted in the apprehension of four suspects, identified by their initials as ZK, KR, ZR, and ZK, he added.

    They were picked up from different places around East Aceh Regency, he said, adding that they had been assigned different tasks in the drug-trafficking operation.

    ZK was nabbed in Bagok neighborhood, KR was arrested in Idi Tunong neighborhood, while ZK and ZR were apprehended in Idi Rayeuk neighborhood, he informed.

    ZK, KR, and ZR were tasked with monitoring the situation on land and roads, while ZK was the boat's skipper and responsible for transporting the illicit drug package, he said.

    East Aceh district remains prone to drug crimes committed by local residents with links to cross-border drug rings.


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