KPU Urged to Work Prudently to Prevent Lawsuits

Antara - 12 May 2022 16:41 WIB
KPU Urged to Work Prudently to Prevent Lawsuits
The KPU must be firm and work responsibly. (Photo:
Jakarta: General Elections Commission (KPU) commissioners and staff must work prudently to prevent lawsuits from political parties unsatisfied with the commission's works, Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD stated.

"I told KPU commissioners to work prudently because no matter how fair their performance would be, there will always be lawsuits (filed against them). The KPU must be firm and work responsibly," Mahfud remarked after receiving the visit of the KPU chairperson and commissioners at the coordinating ministry's office here on Wednesday, as broadcast by the ministry's YouTube channel.
The coordinating minister also assured the KPU that the government would support the commission's electoral conduct works, including by providing budget and regulations.

"We will facilitate the commission if they need administrative facilities, including the issuance of government regulations. As financial and other necessities would be provided by the government, we will ensure (that all aspects) would be smooth," he remarked.

Mahfud affirmed that the 2024 General Elections would proceed as planned, and the first phase of the election preparations will take place next June.

"The election preparation, according to the prevailing regulations, will commence soon, and we have started the countdown to the first preparation phase (scheduled) for June 14. There will be no reverse gear as June 14 will be only a month from today," the minister remarked.

Meanwhile, KPU Chairperson Hasyim Asy’ari said that the meeting with the coordinating minister is held to consult on the commission's performance and converse with Mahfud.

During the meeting, the KPU also informed Mahfud about the recent progress in election preparations and precautionary measures against likely issues.

He noted that as the coordinating minister has jurisdiction over ministries and government institutions relevant to the electoral conduct, discussing plans with the minister would be important.

"We visit several ministers under (Mahfud's) coordinating ministry that are relevant to the election conduct to rally support for KPU, particularly for the 2024 General Elections and Regional Elections, and ensuring the election could be conducted in a timely manner with democratic and integrity values preserved," Asy'ari remarked.


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