Time for Youth to Become Leaders: President Jokowi

    Antara - 28 October 2021 20:35 WIB
    Time for Youth to Become Leaders: President Jokowi
    President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has called on the youth to harness the current momentum of disruption to become leaders and win competitions.

    “It is time for the youths to become leaders to win competitions in the world full of disruption. The leaders who control the technology and not controlled by the technology,” the president stated during the 93rd anniversary of Youth Pledge Day held virtually from the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel here on Thursday.


    Young leaders should be brave to  initiate actions but stay humanist, the head of state noted, adding that they should continue to learn from anybody about anything.

    Most importantly, he highlighted that young leaders should be ready to contribute to Indonesia’s advancement.

    The fast-growing start-up companies, which have become global players and won against old companies, mirror the Indonesian youth’s strength, he remarked.

    Moreover, the works and achievements of Indonesian youth in the art and culture sectors have gained traction in global communities, President Jokowi stated.

    “The works of young Indonesian musicians and artists, with global reputation, are increasing. The great achievements of our young athletes have also made the nation proud,” Widodo affirmed.

    However, the president acknowledged that not all Indonesian youth had the same opportunities to pursue higher education as well as to understand the disruption era and the newest scientific and technological developments.

    Hence, he urged the Indonesian youth to share information, knowledge, and skills, so that all Indonesian children can contribute more to humanity and the nation’s advancement.

    “That is the essence of leadership, which is assisting those not capable to become capable, and those who are capable to become even more capable,” he remarked.


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