KAI Offers Free Vaccinations for Train Passengers in 18 Cities

    Antara - 30 July 2021 17:24 WIB
    KAI Offers Free Vaccinations for Train Passengers in 18 Cities
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Jakarta: Indonesia's state-owned railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) and its subsidiary, KAI Commuter, are providing free COVID-19 vaccinations for passengers and the community in some cities, with the objective of boosting inoculation rates.

    "KAI fully supports the government's program, so that the public's vaccination target is met, and herd immunity can be achieved," VP Public Relations of KAI Joni Martinus noted in a written statement here on Friday.


    Martinus stated that the KAI had provided free vaccinations for their customers and the general public in 18 cities across the regions of Java and Sumatra.

    "Later on, KAI and KAI Commuter will gradually increase the number of stations where free COVID-19 vaccinations are being offered as a form of commitment to maximally contribute to the national vaccination program," he remarked.

    Long-distance trip passengers intent on getting free COVID-19 vaccination must be 18 years of age or above, show the paid ticket booking code or valid long-distance trip ticket, hold an identity card (KTP), and arrive at least a day prior to the train departure.

    KAI has collaborated with regional military command Kodim 0312 Padang to offer free COVID-19 vaccination service for both the customers and the general public at Padang Station, West Sumatra Province.

    In Jakarta, KAI Commuter offers free COVID-19 vaccination service for commuter line customers and the public at Duri Station, Angke, Rangkasbitung, and Jakarta Kota.

    "We urge passengers to utilize the free vaccination facility available at some commuter line stations. By partaking in the vaccination, commuter line passengers, with high mobility and interaction with different people daily during their transport, can stay healthy," VP Corporate Secretary KAI Commuter Anne Purba remarked.

    The vaccination program will be made available at more commuter line stations.

    KAI Group is collaborating with its stakeholders, such as the SOE Ministry, Health Ministry, Transportation Ministry, National Defence Forces, Police, and regional governments, to offer the vaccination program.

    The KAI group expressed gratitude to all parties that extended assistance in the program to offer free COVID-19 vaccination at stations.

    As of July 9, the KAI group had inoculated 20 thousand people at stations.

    Martinus noted that information will be disseminated intensively, so that more people would partake in the program offering free COVID-19 vaccinations at stations.

    "We remind the customers and the public that have yet to be vaccinated to utilize the free vaccinations being offered at stations to stem the spread of COVID-19," he emphasized.


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