Regions Should Open Schools by Expediting Teachers' Vaccination: Minister

    Antara - 17 September 2021 14:46 WIB
    Regions Should Open Schools by Expediting Teachers Vaccination: Minister
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    Jakarta: The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, along with the Health Ministry have encouraged local governments to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination program for teachers to support the implementation of face-to-face learning (PTM).

    In response to this, Minister of Communication and Informatics Johnny G. Plate emphasized that the government had appealed to local governments to complete the vaccination of teachers (PTK) and encourage the implementation of limited PTM.


    "The PTK vaccination is not the sole determinant whether the school can conduct limited PTM. The main determinant is the level of PPKM applied in the school area. Parents still have the right to determine the best learning method for their children," Plate noted in a press statement, Thursday.

    According to the minister, schools located in areas where Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) levels 1-3 are applied can conduct limited PTM. Meanwhile, schools that have vaccinated teachers and their teaching staff are required to offer limited PTM as an alternative to Distance Learning (PJJ).

    The minister explained that until now, only 40 percent of the education units in regions with PPKM levels 1, 2, and 3, have held limited PTM. In fact, 95 percent of education units actually can run limited PTM.

    Furthermore, Plate noted that from the targeted 5.5 million teachers and education personnel, only Jakarta and Yogyakarta had vaccinated over 90 percent of their PTK, while other provinces were far below.

    The minister noted that the central government needed the local government's support for schools to immediately implement limited PTM in accordance with the Decree of the Four Ministers. Limited PTM is very important as prolonged PJJ can have a negative impact on Indonesian students.

    “Prolonged PJJ can have an impact in the form of dropping out of school, decreased learning achievements, and the mental and psychological health of children being affected. In the long term, the risks to Indonesian children could be greater than the health risks," he added.


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