Mandalika Circuit Project to be Completed This Year

    Media Indonesia - 27 Februari 2020 15:58 WIB
    Mandalika Circuit Project to be Completed This Year
    Mandalika circuit project (Photo:Antara/Ahmad Subaidi)
    Jakarta: The Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MPGA) has revealed that the construction of Mandalika street circuit has reached around 30 percent.

    According to MPGA CEO Ricky Baheramsjah, the MPGA does not want to make any mistakes. Therefore, the construction of the circuit is conducted carefully.

    "The length of the circuit is only 3.4 km. However, the process is quite sophisticated. We must be more careful," Ricky said.

    In the beginning of the project, the MPGA should build embankments, conduct soil stabilization and remove the surrounding trees. If all of the works are carried out correctly, the road surface will not be wavy.

    "So, we need more time. We started the process in the end of last year. We still have a lot of time to complete the circuit this year," he stated.


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