At Least 23 Injured after Fire at Balongan Oil Refinery

    Ahmad Rofahan - 29 March 2021 10:37 WIB
    At Least 23 Injured after Fire at Balongan Oil Refinery
    The oil refinery is owned by PT Pertamina (Photo: Rofahan)

    Indramayu: A massive fire at an oil refinery in Balongan, Indramayu, West Java has injured at least 23 people and led to the evacuation of around one thousand nearby residents.

    According to West Java Regional Police Head Inspector General Ahmad Dofiri, five of them were heavily wounded.

    "Those five people are currently receiving treatment at Gunung Jati Hospital in Cirebon," said the police official here on Monday morning.

    Owned by state-owned energy giant PT Pertamina, the oil refinery caught fire on Monday early morning.

    "Those five people are nearby residents. Most victims are also locals. They were near the site at the time," the police general explained.

    The Balongan Oil Refinery has been operation since 1994. It is managed by the Refinery Directorate of PT Pertamina.
    Its main activity is processing crude oil into fuel oil, non-fuel oil and petrochemicals. Some od its products are premium, pertamax, pertamax plus, diesel, Pertamina Dex, kerosene, and LPG. 


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