Several Regions Curbed Covid-19 Spread Without Applying PSBB: Task Force

    Antara - 12 Mei 2020 20:33 WIB
    Several Regions Curbed Covid-19 Spread Without Applying PSBB: Task Force
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Several Indonesian provinces that did not apply large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) have managed to control the number of new infections, said chief of the Task Force for the Acceleration of covid-19 Handling, Doni Monardo.

    "Some regions did not apply PSBB, but they have reduced the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. They have also recorded several recoveries and reported no new deaths," he said at a video press conference on Tuesday in Jakarta.

    One of the provinces which did not apply PSBB is Bali, which managed to stem the spread of covid-19, he pointed out.

    Bali took maximum advantage of local wisdom, customary villages, and custom-based mutual help to prevent covid-19 from spreading, he explained.

    "Every customary village has a task force at the village level," he added.

    Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said the people of Bali have complied with customary village's rules and have shown discipline in applying them.

    Bali has a total of 1,493 customary villages, which play a key role in maintaining discipline among the local people, and their authority includes denying entry to customary villages for residents from other villages. (antara)


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