Indonesia's Largest Muslim Organization Empowers Community to Make Masks

    Antara - 14 Mei 2020 19:54 WIB
    Indonesia's Largest Muslim Organization Empowers Community to Make Masks
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    Jakarta: The country’s largest Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), has been working with the wider community to produce masks, as one of the steps to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, through its task force for covid-19.

    "The pandemic has also had an economic impact, so we have empowered around 200 people to make cloth masks," chairman of the NU's task force for covid-19, Muhamad Makky Zamzani, said during an online discussion on the theme "Support of Religious Organizations and Volunteers of the United Indonesia”, held on Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Jakarta.

    In addition, the Islamic organization has helped create an economic network by providing around 20,000 staple foods, with a target of increasing it to 100,000 staple foods.

    "At present, there are only 20,000 staple foods (that we have distributed), and we hope that in the next few months, (the requirement for) 100,000 staple foods can be met (by us) to help the government in general," Zamzani said.

    NU is implementing programs related to handling covid-19 with the help of its task force. The task force can disseminate information more quickly, both to islamic boarding schools and the wider community, including Islamic study groups, according to the organization.

    The NU Task Force for Covid-19 has released 91,729 posters, five guidebooks, 10 videos, and various other media.

    In addition, it has conducted 614 training sessions for a total of 10,478 people, 5,912 socialized villages, 1,336 village action plans, and 1,092 volunteers.

    “There are 1,092 national volunteers registered in our database. But, there are also those in the regions who have not submitted their numbers in general, I am sure there are more than 10,000 people," he said. (antara)


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