207 Repatriated Indonesians under Quarantine at Jakarta's Hajj Dormitory

    Antara - 20 Mei 2020 13:00 WIB
    207 Repatriated Indonesians under Quarantine at Jakarta's Hajj Dormitory
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/Annisa)
    Jakarta: At least 207 of the 940 Indonesian nationals repatriated from overseas are still under quarantine at the Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory in East Jakarta.

    "The total (number of repatriated Indonesian nationals) has come to 940 people, (and) 207 people are at the Hajj Dormitory," said Commander of Military District 0505 East Jakarta, Infantry Colonel Muhammad Mahfud As’at, while inspecting security measures at the Hajj Dormitory in East Jakarta on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

    He said that one of the 207 people placed under quarantine had tested positive for covid-19, based on a rapid test and a swab test.

    Meanwhile, two other people who shared a room with the positive patient are now being treated as patients under surveillance (PDP).

    The infected Indonesian has been evacuated and has been taken to the isolation room at Jakarta's Athlete Village.

    "(The patient) has been taken to the Athlete's Village, along with two other PDPs, because they all shared a room," he said.

    In the past week, the Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitary has provided shelter to 940 Indonesian nationals.

    Some of them have returned to their homes after their medical tests came back negative for covid-19.

    The repatriated Indonesian nationals were working in varying fields, including as ship crew members, religious congregation members, and migrant workers, among others.

    A number of Indonesians are also scheduled to arrive at the dormitory after entering the country through the Tanjung Priok seaport and the Soekarno Hatta Airport.

    "Once they arrive in the airport or harbour, they will have their health checked. If there are reactive results or they are believed to have been infected with the virus, then a swab test will be performed," he said. (antara)


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