Papua is Part of Indonesia: Activists

    Farhan Dwitama, Christopher Harindra - 02 Desember 2019 11:36 WIB
    Papua is Part of Indonesia: Activists
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Tangerang: The Papuan Students Alliance said that Papua has been independent since Indonesia's independence. 

    "We Papuans are still part of the Republic of Indonesia," said the Secretary-General of the Papuan Student Alliance Rajid Patiran during a public dialogue in Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten on Sunday, December 1, 2019.

    "If it is not independent, then we cannot study in Java or Bali," Rajid said.

    In the meantime, according to another Papuan student, Andriyan Hein Wanma, a separation from the Republic of Indonesia is wrong. He underlined that Papuan people are hardworking and competent.

    "Show that we are capable. I have proven that we can lead our brothers who are not Papuans. I lead them," Andriyan explained.

    Kaimana Pamulang Student Association chairman Sabil Rosadi Puarada revealed that the separatist movement in Papua is driven by a handful of people. He hopes that there will be no one provoked.

    "It is very unlikely that Papua would separate from The Republic of Indonesia," Sabil said.

    The pro-democracy activist stressed that Papua has self-respect. Sabil emphasized that Papua holds Indonesian identity by using Bahasa Indonesia in daily life.

    "If you pray, facing God you still use Bahasa Indonesia, don't dream of an independent Papua," Sabil concluded.


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