Juliari Focuses on Diminishing Poverty Rates

    Atalya Puspa, Christopher Harindra - 25 Oktober 2019 10:14 WIB
    Juliari Focuses on Diminishing Poverty Rates
    Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Batubara. Photo: Medcom.id/Damar Iradat
    Jakarta: Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Batubara focuses on dealing with poverty in Indonesia. He is optimistic that he will reduce Indonesia's poverty rate to below 9 percent within five years.
    “We have to make sure poverty in Indonesia is getting well under 9 percent. This is not easy, however, I am sure the team at the Ministry of Social Affairs can do it, if I look at it from the budgeting aspect it is good enough, because it focuses on activities on the ground,” Juliari said at the Ministry of Social Affairs Building, Central Jakarta on Thursday, October 24, 2019.
    Currently, Indonesia's poverty is at 9.41 percent. Based on data provided by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), there are as many as 25.14 million underprivileged people recorded as of March 2019.
    Juliari says he will continue the previous minister’s program to reduce poverty. He will oversee the program at the Ministry of Social Affairs so that it’s right on target.
    "We are here to work as a social safety net. So, we must ensure that programs must be on target. This involves a large number of funds and the interests of the community," he said.
    Meanwhile, former Social Affairs Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita was confident in Juliari's abilities. He asked officials in the Ministry of Social Affairs to support their new minister.
    "I am very touched and pleased to work with an extraordinary team. I advised, all of them, to give full support to the new social minister," concluded Agus.


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