DPR Speaker Urges Govt to Secure Diesel Fuel Availability

Antara - 30 March 2022 19:09 WIB
DPR Speaker Urges Govt to Secure Diesel Fuel Availability
The distribution of subsidized diesel must be right on target. (Photo: MI/Bary Fatahilah)
Jakarta: House of Representatives (DPR) speaker Puan Maharani urged the government to ensure the availability of diesel fuel in order to prevent hindrances in logistics distribution during Ramadan and Eid.

"Shortly, we will enter Ramadan. Thus, the biodiesel crisis that occurs must be addressed immediately. The government must be able to ensure the availability of biodiesel supply so as not to disrupt the distribution (process) of logistics transportation," Maharani noted in a statement received here on Tuesday.
Maharani urged the government to immediately find a solution to the crisis of subsidized diesel, as it has the potential to trigger problems in various regions. The diesel fuel crisis can disrupt logistics distribution and cause losses to farmers due to problems in the distribution of crops, she pointed out.

In line with the meeting of Commission VII of the DPR and the government, Maharani deemed it necessary to increase the quota of subsidized biodiesel, so that the community's needs could be met.

The DPR speaker said she understood that the subsidized biodiesel quota reduction was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Maharani noted that the increase in biodiesel demand was due to economic recovery.

"This condition must become a consideration for the government. The crisis in subsidized diesel will cause a broad impact if not handled promptly, especially ahead of the Ramadan month," she explained.

The DPR speaker emphasized the importance of supervising the subsidized solar distribution process. To this end, she urged the government to coordinate with law enforcement officers for the distribution process.

"The distribution of subsidized diesel must be right on target. Strict action must be taken on all types of misuse in the distribution of subsidized diesel," she remarked.

Maharani also called on the authorities to act firmly, as the subsidized diesel fuel crisis could affect economic recovery if not addressed immediately. 


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