Indonesia's AGO to Question Ex-Trade Minister over CPO Export Case

Antara - 21 June 2022 16:59 WIB
Indonesias AGO to Question Ex-Trade Minister over CPO Export Case
Former Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi (Photo: MI)
Jakarta: The Attorney General's Office (AGO) is set to question former trade minister Muhammad Lutfi as a witness in an alleged case of corruption related to the issuance of crude palm oil export permits on Wednesday.

"It is true (Muhammad Lufti will be questioned)," Investigation Director of the Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes at the AGO Supardi noted in Jakarta on Tuesday.
Supardi said Lufti will be questioned on Wednesday as a witness.

On Monday, the AGO questioned seven witnesses comprising five from the Trade Ministry, one from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, and one from the Indonesian Association of Palm Oil Producers (GAPKI).

The five officials of the Trade Ministry comprise Chief of General Affairs and Procurement Service Bureau Sugih Rahmansyah, Chief of Evaluation and Reporting Section at the Directorate General of Foreign Trade Wiliater Wiliarsi, Chief of the Legal Bureau Sri Haryati, Secretary of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade Asep Asmara, and Director of Agricultural and Forestry Product Exports Farid Amir.

The two other witnesses are Head of Organization and Administration of the Legal and Organizational Bureau at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Amar Yasin and GAPKI member Laksmi Sidarta.

"They were questioned as witnesses in the alleged case of corruption related to the granting of facilities for the export of crude palm oil and its derivatives from January 2021 to March 2022," Chief of the Legal Information Center at the Attorney General's Office Agung Ketut Sumedana stated.

In the case of alleged corruption, the team of investigators had submitted the first phase of dossiers from five suspects on June 15.

One of the suspects is Director General of Foreign Trade at the Trade Ministry Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana.

The four other suspects are PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia's commissioner Master Parulian Tumanggor, Senior Manager for Corporate Affairs at PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri/Permata Hijau Group Stanley MA, General Manager for General Affairs at PT Musim Mas Picare Tagore Sitanggang, and founder and policy adviser/analyst of PT Independent Research & Advisory Indonesia Lin Che Wei.


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