118 Thousand Civil Servants Will Move to New Capital City

    Siti Yona Hukmana, Christopher Harindra - 20 Januari 2020 19:10 WIB
    118 Thousand Civil Servants Will Move to New Capital City
    State civil servants (ASN) will move to a new capital in East Kalimantan. Photo: MI
    Jakarta: Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB) Tjahjo Kumolo said hundreds of thousands of state civil servants (ASN) will move to a new capital in East Kalimantan. Especially those who serve in a ministry.
    "There will be 118 thousand who will move to the capital in 2024. Those who are 45 years old in 2023 (who move in)," said Tjahjo at the Parliamentary Complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta on Monday, January 20, 2020.
    Tjahjo said the 118 thousand civil servants must be ready to change duties. While those who have retired will be replaced by new ASN. Tjahjo said, 16 to 17 percent of all ASN personnel will retire in 2023-2024.
    "From those who retire from the central ASN, they will be taken from central recruitment or taken from regional recruitment. Because this is a smart capital city. Smart city, smart government, must also be supported by its smart ASN," said the former Minister of the Interior (Mendagri).
    Tjahjo said that the cost of moving civil servants will be handled by the government. However, Tjahjo has not been able to elaborate on the total budget needed, both the cost of accommodation or ASN residence.
    "Just bear anything you don't know. We just arrange it," he said.
    The government will move the capital to parts of North Penajam Paser Regency and in parts of Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan. The location contour of the new capital city is hilly because it is a former industrial forest with an area of 256 thousand hectares with a core area of 56 thousand hectares.
    Later, the new capital city will be divided into a number of clusters, namely the government cluster of 5,600 hectares, the health cluster, the education cluster, and the research and technology cluster. The process of developing a new capital city will require at least IDR 466 trillion in funds.
    Of that amount, the portion of the State Budget (APBN) reaches Rp89.4 trillion or 19.2 percent. The rest, relying on Government Cooperation with Business Entities (KPBU) Rp253.4 trillion or 54.5 percent, the private sector including SOEs Rp123.2 trillion or 26.4 percent.


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