Govt Conducts Examinations to Identify Potential New Covid-19 Variants in Kudus, Bangkalan

    Antara - 10 June 2021 16:40 WIB
    Govt Conducts Examinations to Identify Potential New Covid-19 Variants in Kudus, Bangkalan
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    Jakarta: Indonesia's government is conducting examinations and researching to identify potential new variants of SARS-CoV-2, causal to covid-19, in the districts of Kudus and Bangkalan, where the number of cases climbed after the Eid holiday.

    "Regarding the development of new variants of covid-19 in areas experiencing a spike in cases, samples from these places were taken and are still being researched," spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force Prof. Wiku Adisasmito noted in a written statement received here on Thursday.


    Adisasmito noted that Kudus and Bangkalan were the two regions that reported a spike in covid-19 cases after the Eid holiday.

    The link between the possible surfacing of a new variant of the coronavirus and the surge in covid-19 cases in these two areas should be studied further.

    Adisasmito attributed the surge in covid-19 cases in Kudus to the pilgrimage activities and the Kupatan tradition followed by the local community a week after Eid al-Fitr.

    Meanwhile, cases in Bangkalan spiked as a result of family cluster transmission due to the Lebaran homecoming.

    To prevent further increase in the case count, the ranks of the central government acted swiftly by coordinating and providing assistance.

    "This assistance is provided to facilitate regional efforts to control cases that are currently high, such as providing beds for health services as well as efforts to tighten health protocols," he remarked.

    In a bid to achieve herd immunity in areas experiencing a spike in cases, the vaccination program in Central and East Java has, so far, only reached some 19 percent and will continue to be increased.

    "However, nationally, vaccination coverage for health workers has reached 94.97 percent. However, people must remember that although they have been vaccinated, they must remain disciplined in implementing health protocols," the spokesperson noted.


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