TNI, Police Strengthen Efforts to Reduce Daily Rate of Covid-19 Cases

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 22 June 2021 12:37 WIB
    TNI, Police Strengthen Efforts to Reduce Daily Rate of Covid-19 Cases
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) and the National Police (Polri) have carried out various efforts to reduce the daily rate of covid-19 cases, according to Polri Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

    According to him, several regions have seen a spike in the number of cases such as Riau province, Kudus regency, Bangkalan regency, and Capital Jakarta.


    In Riau province, he added, the TNI-Polri are strengthening testing and tracing, as well as separating people who need self-isolation at home or centralized self-isolation.

    For people who are self-isolating, the TNI-Polri also help distribute medicines and social assistances, he said.

    "The number of new cases in Riau Province has dropped from 813 to 313 and we will continue to take those measures to reduce the daily number of cases to a minimum," said Listyo, as quoted from the Cabinet Secretariat's website.

    Meanwhile, to deal with the surge in covid-19 cases in Kudus regency, Listyo said that the TNI-Polri have also reinforce the PPKM Mikro by increasing the number of TNI and Polri personnel to carry out testing, tracing, and guarding activities in village areas.

    These activities, he added, will continue until next week.

    Listyo added that in Kudus regency there are currently several centralized self-isolation places available.

    In his press statement, the National Police Chief also underscored that the police would enforce the law against violations in areas where restrictions have been in place.


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