Jakarta's Athletes Village Currently Accommodates 4,024 Covid-19 Patients

    Nur Azizah - 21 September 2020 11:45 WIB
    Jakarta's Athletes Village Currently Accommodates 4,024 Covid-19 Patients
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)
    Jakarta: The Joint Regional Defense Command (Kogabwilhan) I spokesperson Marine Colonel Aries Mudian has confirmed that the Covid-19 Emergency Hospital at the Kemayoran Athletes Village in Central Jakarta currently accommodates 4,024 covid-19 patients.

    According to the spokesman, as many as 2,355 covid-19 patients are placed at Tower 7 and Tower 6, while the other 1,669 patients are placed at Tower 5.

    Officially opened in March, towers 6 and 7 are used to treat covid-19 patients with mild to moderate cases, while Tower 5 is used as an isolation center for asymptomatic covid-19 patients.

    "The number of inpatients at towers 6 and 7 increased by 47 from 2,308," the official stated.

    The Indonesian government has announced it is currently focusing on flattening the covid-19 infection curve in nine provinces with the highest transmission rates.
    Those nine provinces are Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, North Sumatra, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, Papua, and Bali.


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