NU Firmly Backs Extension of Public Activity Restrictions

    Antara - 22 July 2021 18:00 WIB
    NU Firmly Backs Extension of Public Activity Restrictions
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    Jakarta: Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Council (PBNU) Secretary General Helmy Faishal Zaini fervently endorsed the extension of public activity restrictions (PPKM) on account of the cases of COVID-19 transmission still being relatively high.

    "NU strongly supports the government's policy of extending the PPKM period until July 25. We also pray that on July 26, the government will gradually open PPKM. The key aspect to bear in mind is to stay disciplined in wearing masks," Zaini noted in a written statement received in Jakarta, Thursday.


    The PBNU secretary general believes that the extension of PPKM was the best decision taken after considering various elements.

    On the other hand, Zaini also lauded the government's efforts to offer social assistance as a safety net for the poor in the midst of the PPKM extension.

    "The PBNU also highly lauds the government for providing direct or cash assistance to residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic," he stated.

    The former minister of development of disadvantaged regions expressed optimism that social assistance would be distributed properly and be on target in order to placate the economic burden on the community.

    "In addition, health workers need to be given space and opportunity, so that they can offer treatment optimally," he emphasized.

    Regardless of how good are the policies being issued, they will fail to succeed in the absence of community participation.

    Hence, the PBNU has invited all parties to partake in efforts to end this pandemic.

    "Let us together make vaccinations successful by participating in receiving vaccines. Do not be afraid because the ulema has set an example. This is an effort to stop the transmission of COVID-19," he affirmed.


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