BNPT, EU Cooperate to Bolster Terrorism Prevention

Antara - 13 May 2022 14:44 WIB
BNPT, EU Cooperate to Bolster Terrorism Prevention
The European Union is committed to developing successful and effective cooperation in mitigating the threat of terrorism. (Photo:
Jakarta: The National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) cooperates with the European Union to increase understanding of the dangers of terrorism and radicalism and the efforts to prevent them through an Indo-Pacific seminar.

"This seminar aims to promote better understanding through the detection of terrorism signals and information sharing," BNPT's Head Boy Rafli Ahmad noted through a statement on Friday.
The Indo-Pacific regional seminar titled "Preventing Terrorist Attacks and Fighting Radicalization Through Better Detection of Weak Signals and Information Sharing" was held on May 11-12 here.

The seminar plays an important role in strengthening the efforts to mitigate terrorism, he noted.

"This seminar can improve cooperation in terrorism mitigation that has been developed by Indonesia with the European Union all this time," he remarked.

The seminar's theme is relevant to be discussed, given that the threat of terrorism is dynamic through the utilization of technology and in the era of disruption.

The seminar also discussed updating data and information as well as challenges in confronting disruption and digital media technology, particularly social media.

"Several matters were discussed, and this is very relevant to expand our knowledge and understanding of terrorism mitigation," Amar explained.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam Vincent Piket noted that the European Union had placed terrorism as a main priority.

To this end, the European Union is committed to developing successful and effective cooperation in mitigating the threat of terrorism, including in Indonesia.

Piket emphasized the importance of cross-continental cooperation while citing examples of terrorism-related topics, such as technology and dissemination of terrorism content in the online world, worthy of being discussed.

Aligning with this sentiment, European Union Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Ilkka Salmi emphasized that all countries must be able to minimize the utilization of technology by terrorists.

Moreover, every country should improve law enforcement capabilities in mitigating terrorism by making the most of the advancements in technology.


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