Floods Kill at Least 2 in Jember

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 10 January 2022 13:43 WIB
Floods Kill at Least 2 in Jember
The floods affected several villages in three districts.
Jakarta: Floods that occurred in Jember, East Java, on Sunday killed at least 2 people, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has said.

"Previously, it was reported that 1 person died after the incident. According to the latest information, the death toll increased by 1 today," BNPB spokesperson Abdul Muhari said in a press release on Monday.
In addition to that, the BNPB spokesman stated, another resident is still missing. 

"Jember Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency officers who are assisted by residents are still cleaning up garbage and mud brought by floods," he said.

The floods, the BNPB official explained, affected several villages in three districts, namely Kaliwates, Sempusari and Mangli Villages in Kaliwates District, Rambi Puji and Ramigundam Villages in Rambi Puji District and Kemiri and Suci Villages in Panti District.

According to Muhari, the floods also affected 440 households or 1,668 people. 


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