Jokowi Inaugurates New Graduates of Military, Police Academy

    Antara - 14 Juli 2020 14:18 WIB
    Jokowi Inaugurates New Graduates of Military, Police Academy
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo called on 750 new graduates of the Indonesian military and police academy to adopt a prudent approach in responding to challenges and opportunities arising from a rapidly changing world.

    The head of state delivered the call while inaugurating 750 new graduates of the Indonesian Military Academy (Akmil), Indonesian Navy Academy (AAL), Indonesian Air Force Academy (AAU), and National Police Academy (Akpol).

    "As the ones safeguarding the nation's future, you all must be smart to address future challenges and opportunities. This world has been changing so rapidly," he noted at the virtual inauguration ceremony held from the State Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday.

    Disruptions take place across life’s sectors, and the fourth industrial revolution has more tremendously fueled this expeditious change, according to President Jokowi, who sensed immense pride on being able to inaugurate the new graduates.

    The president also drew attention to Indonesia's battle against the novel coronavirus disease pandemic and the nation's endeavors to bolster unity by applying the Pancasila state ideology as the foundation.

    To this end, he appealed to these young military and police officers to play a proactive role in finding solutions to tackling the covid-19-related crises.

    As part of the inauguration ceremony, President Jokowi awarded the Adhi Makayasa medal to the four top graduates.

    The awardees are Second Lieutenant Angga Adhika Yudha of Akabri; Second Lieutenant Rizqy Zealand Djuhaeri (AAL), Second Lieutenant Juanda Siregar (AAU); and Second Inspector Ivan Pradipta Mahadika (Akpol).

    The inauguration ceremony was held virtually in the wake of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, but parents of the four top graduates and several top brass of the Indonesian military and police as well as government officials were invited to be part of the ceremony at the State Palace.

    The inauguration was convened in line with Presidential Decision Number 55 TNI-2020 and Number 56 Polri-2020 on the inauguration of Akabri, AAL, AAU, and Akpol cadets to become officers, effective from July 13. (antara)


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