President Jokowi to Receive Covid-19 Vaccination Tomorrow

    Nur Azizah - 12 January 2021 13:59 WIB
    President Jokowi to Receive Covid-19 Vaccination Tomorrow
    President Joko Widodo (
    Jakarta: The Presidential Secretariat has confirmed that President Joko Widodo will receive covid-19 vaccination on Wednesday morning.

    "It will be live-streamed ," said the Presidential Secretariat's Press, Media and Protocol Deputy Bey Machmudin here on Tuesday.

    On Monday, Indonesia's Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) officially issued the emergency use authorization (EUA) for Sinovac Biotech's covid-19 vaccine.
    "BPOM issued the EUA for Coronavac," said BPOM Chairman Penny K Lukito during a virtual press conference here on Monday afternoon.

    Last week, The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)  also declared the Sinovac covid-19 vaccine to be used in Indonesia is halal.

    By being the first person to receive the covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia, President Jokowi wants to ensure the public that the covid-19 vaccine is safe and halal.


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