Depok Prepares Rp20 Billion for Disaster Mitigation

    Octavianus Dwi Sutrisno, Christopher Harindra - 07 Januari 2020 12:57 WIB
    Depok Prepares Rp20 Billion for Disaster Mitigation
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Depok: The Depok City government plans to allocate an emergency aid fund (BTT) worth Rp20 billion for disaster mitigation operations. 

    "It could be even bigger, so we ask for more help through the Governor's Decree on emergency disasters (which has not yet been issued)," said Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris Abdul Somad at the Depok City Regional People’s Consultative Assembly (DPRD) Building on Monday, January 6, 2020.

     "Everything is still in the process," he added.

    He continued his party was focused on evacuating and handling flood victims.  He suspects the number of those affected by the flood has reached hundreds of people spread over 87 areas.

    "I want to solve the flood problem comprehensively, starting from water channel problems, violations, and so on," he said.

    Idris ensures that the health of disaster victims is a priority for his administration.  He stressed that all theneeds of flood-affected residents are provided.

    "Especially in terms of the physical and psychology treatments of children. Trauma patients will for sure be given the appropriate assistance they require," he said.


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